Intelligence, visibility, and control

Your API secure from point to point

You can design an API you think is ultra-secure, but if you don't test it, then a cybercriminal somewhere is going to do it for you.
API (Application Programming Interface) security is a crucial topic for any company or organization that develops and uses APIs to share data and functionality with third parties. This is due to the fact that APIs are portals for accessing valuable information and critical systems, and any security breach can lead to serious problems, such as exposing interrupted data or interrupting the functioning of systems.
Quality service
The best choice to reduce risks and ensure continuity of operations.
Experienced Team
More than 20 years of experience in the area of technological security.

Who we are

Innovation, Trust e Integrity
Idealized and integrated by professionals specialized in information security, we have in our portfolio the main tools highlighted in the market. We are a unit of X2S Informática, focused on API security.


Allow visibility and provide a reliable environment for the use of APIs, enabling integration and interconnectivity in a secure way.


To be a reference in API security


Enthusiasm for technology and importance to people.


Consultancy, implementation, and support for your entire API environment.

Advanced APIs discovery

Automatic discovery of APIs and maintenance of environment documentation are important to ensure that systems and applications can communicate efficiently and securely.


Keep documentation up to date to ensure that all interested parties have access to accurate and current information about the APIs in your environment. Helping with troubleshooting, maintenance, and development efforts.

Vulnerability Detection

Get a complete view to identify, investigate and understand bugs in your API environment.

Detection of fraud attempts

Real-time assessment and identification of fraud attempts in your API environment.

Mitigation and control

Through Edge Computing, we mitigate attacks and fraud attempts on your systems.


We are certified partners of the main solution providers that add great experience and credibility to our portfolio.

Salt Security, a cybersecurity company that provides API protection solutions, as well as offering an API security platform that helps protect against cyber threats and ensures that only authorized users have access to APIs.

Sensedia, offers a variety of products and services, including API management, integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and software development consulting.

Veracode, a company that provides cloud-based software for static analysis (SAST) and dynamic application analysis (DAST).

GoCache, Brazilian company with a CDN structure, specialized in content distribution and security gateway. It is our strategic partner in providing malicious traffic interception solutions.

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